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Hi this is Joe from power of attorney form comm, and today we're going to talk about the four main New York power of attorney forms now if you don't know what poverty is it's just a legal document that allows you to select anyone that you want to act on your behalf for either our financial or medical related issues so the first one we're going to go over is the New York durable power of attorney form all the way on the left and this allows someone to act on your behalf that you choose for any and all financial powers legal in the state of New York but what makes this form the most popular is that it's the only financial power of attorney form that stays valid if you have the principal should become incapacitated or basically not able to think for yourself so with all our aging seniors that we have right now with all the baby boomers they're all approaching things like dementia Alzheimer's all these awful things that do not allow them to keep up with all their financial obligations just like paying bills, so this form allows you to have that person still be able to act for you for all your financial powers going to the right we got the New York medical pop attorney form now this is a pretty self-explanatory form allows you to choose anyone that you want to make any and all medical related decisions on your behalf now this can be medical treatment decisions medical facility decisions pretty much anything legal under law and oftentimes what we'll see is that the durable in medical form will be downloaded together so that you have that person that can handle all your health care decision-making as well as your financial going to the right we have the New York general pop attorney form now this is just like the durable except that this form becomes employed if the principal should become incapacitated or not able to think for themselves, so it's just like the durable set for this becomes void if you cannot think for yourself anymore last but not least we got the New York limited pop attorney form I use this form to hit with my accountant every year to have him file my taxes and I don't want him to do anything other than that but just file my taxes the limited power training farm has somebody just handle very specific powers on your behalf and again if it becomes void if I should become incapacitated or not be able to think for myself, so that's a summary of the New York power of attorney forms make sure that if you download one of these that you need to have it notarized if you don't know what a notary is just go to your nearest branch bank, and they have all have notaries on staff that will usually do it for free if you have an account I know Bank of America charges around eight to ten dollars if you don't that's it these in New York pop attorney forms
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